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How to use the graphic editor
How to use the graphic editor
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With the graphic editor, you can edit our templates to adapt them to your messages, changing the content of the texts, fonts, and even import your own images and add texts, figures, and your logo.

Social Piper: how to use the graphic editor

Instantly you can insert your logo to use it as a distinctive brand in all your publications, and make some adaptations such as rotating it, changing its transparency, size, etc.

In addition, with very little effort, you can insert geometric shapes to complement your design.

Everything in a very easy way, quickly and totally online, without having to use other tools, you only need Social Piper.

Using the graphic editor is super easy:

To insert new text, click on the icon displayed on the screen, and then click on the area where you want to place it and start typing; On the left side, you will see the toolbar that contains the properties related to your new text, such as changing its font, size, color, etc.

Social Piper: How to add text

If you want to change an existing text, just double click on it and start editing it.

To import a new image, click on the icon displayed on the screen and select the image file you want to import; now you can change its position, size, rotate it, and modify its opacity.

Do you want to quickly insert your logo? It's very easy, just click on the LOGO button and Social Piper will insert it instantly so you can reposition it, resize it or make it more transparent.

You also have 3 tools to insert figures such as circular, rectangular, or freely trace shapes; you can always change the color of its border and fill as well as rotate and reposition them.

And don't forget that you can change the order of the objects you have in your workspace within the editor with these two buttons; so you can send them back and forth on other objects.

Remember that all your creations will be saved online and you can access them again to reuse or edit them, so you will have all your images organized in one place, always with you, always online in Social Piper.

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