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How to create a boost
How to create a boost
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A boost on Facebook allows you to reach much more people with your content and your page in less time, and you can also choose particular objectives such as driving more traffic to your website, driving more people to the location of your business, get more "Likes" for your Facebook page, encourage interaction with your content to generate more comments, reactions, etc.

You will be able to enhance what your Facebook posts can do for your business, and the difference could be extremely remarkable, more than you imagine.

Well, you will wonder what do you need to create a boost? - With Social Piper you only need to define a few things:

During the process of creating a post, once you see that Piper invites you to create a campaign, accept the invitation! You will see that in a couple of minutes you will have your campaign configured.

Piper suggests a budget, which is based on different factors that Piper has previously analyzed for you, such as the size of your audience, but if you prefer, you can set a different budget.

Social Piper: how to create a boost

Besides the budget, Piper suggests when to start your campaign, how long it will last, the objective of the campaign, and where it will be displayed; just like the budget, you can change any of these settings.

For example, you can change the suggested strategy for others available such as:

  • Reach more people

  • Engage with more people

  • Mix & match

If you wish, you can also change where you want your audience to view your campaign, and choose between Facebook, or both on Facebook and Instagram. Don't worry if you don't have an Instagram account, as the post won't live on Instagram, the same post you have on Facebook will be used, but it will also be shown to users on Instagram.

Social Piper: how to edit a boost

Also, if you need to change the date and time you want your campaign to be activated and the duration that it will have, you can do it here; Remember that the budget will be distributed throughout the days you select.

Do not forget that you will not be able to select a date before the one that your publication has, and it is important to keep in mind that all advertising campaigns go through an approval process on Facebook, and once it is approved it can be activated.

Finally, touch the Publish and promote button and your publication will be sent to the selected social network as well as the accompanying campaign.

Remember that you can also create campaigns from content that you previously published on Facebook through Social Piper; This is easily done from the Scheduler section by placing the mouse pointer, or tapping with your finger, on the image, and clicking the Boos it button.

To create a boost it is a requirement to have a payment method on Facebook, as well as within Social Piper; Both payment methods can be registered conveniently from Social Piper when the platform indicates it on the screen.

The reason for this is because the amount you spend on the boost will be charged by Facebook, and Social Piper, at the end of each month, will charge a small fee of 15% on the amount you spent on the boost, during the just ending month.

Remember that you will always have control over how much you want to invest in boosts, you can even pause or delete them to prevent them from being active, this within the "Boost manager" section, and therefore spending money from the budget, so you will never get any unpleasent surprise.

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