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How to add a Facebook ad account?
How to add a Facebook ad account?
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A Facebook ad account allows Facebook to have control of the boots you have created, the money that has been spent, among other things.

Create a facebook ad account

If you have already created a business page on Facebook, maybe you did not know it, but you already have an ad account.

Facebook will assign a currency for this ad account based on your geographic data, so all the budget and money spent in it will be handled in this type of currency.

It is possible to create more than one ad account, some people do it to take more control, for example, in case they have different businesses and do not want to mix boosts and budgets, or maybe they just want to have advertising accounts in different types of currency.

In case you have more than one ad account, in Social Piper you will be able to choose which one you want to use. Remember that after the first time you select an ad account on Social Piper, you will only be able to switch to others ad accounts that have the same type of currency as the one you first selected.

Don't forget that to create boosts, you will need a valid payment method registered in your Facebook ad account, in addition to the payment method registered in Social Piper. If you haven't registered payment methods, don't worry, since you will not have to leave Social Piper to do it, because when the time comes, Social Piper will tell you about this on screen and give you direct access to the corresponding sections to register the payment methods. Either way, at all times you can access the Configuration section and there make both registrations.

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